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Equity in Education

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

Effective Parenting

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Professional Presentations

Optimizing Learning for Students During - COVID -19 Chicago State University - April 2020 

A Framework to an Equity Focused Environment - ESSA Conference - February 2020                      

Dinner Discussions:  Effective Family Engagement - The Father’s Club Parent Conference - February 2020   

A Framework to an Equity Focused Environment -  Illinois Principals Association - October 2019

When Chaos Comes - CPS Principal Institute - July 2019                                                                  

Parenting Under Pressure - ESSA Conference - February 2019                      

Tiers or Tears - ESSA Conference - February 2018                                                                              

So You Want to Be a Principal - Doing Data Right  Illinois Principals Association - October 2017      

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) - CPS Principal Institute - July 2017, 2016                       

Organizing Minimal Resources to Promote Maximum Results - National Dropout Prevention - June 20   

Data in Action - Advanced Ed Conference - September 2016

Fostering a Technology Rich Culture - Chicago Public Schools Technology Talk Conference 2016 - April 2016

MTSS in a High School Setting - Illinois ASCD - January 2016                                                         

Using the REACH framework as a Coaching Tool - Chicago Public Schools - July 2015                                                                




xploring and Deepening an Equity Mindset


By developing an awareness of their own personal biases and assumptions, school leaders may guide staff in developing a shared understanding of cultural responsiveness and equity while offering students the quality education that they deserve.

Applying a Culturally Responsive Lens to


When educators intentionally review and respond to data through a culturally responsive lens, they make decisions that acknowledge and account for differences in privilege, confront individual and institutional bias, and provide equitable opportunities and outcomes for all students.