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My name is Dr. Femi Skanes

Thank you for your interest in Leadership EDGE! We offer a variety of educational services for educators, students, and parents.

Our model seeks to understand the need of the individual client before offering solutions for success.We listen. We learn. We launch.

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Leadership Services

Parent Workshops

Leadership EDGE facilitates training and development for parents that promotes healthy parenting skills and literacy skills.

Student Leadership

Leadership EDGE facilitates leadership training for students with an emphasis on educational and community advancement.  The primary goal of this training program is to equip young people with the requisite leadership skills to serve as leaders in schools and the community. 

Educational Leadership and Coaching

Leadership EDGE customizes leadership training to meet the needs of school leaders, teacher leaders, and aspiring leaders.  Utilizing a variety of assessment techniques and goal setting protocols, leaders embark on an outcomes driven learning platform that guarantees leadership growth.

Motivational Speaking

Dr. Skanes encourages, equips, and empowers audiences through her captivating speaking style.  Through her speaking engagements, she promotes reflection and correction to help listeners to become better versions of themselves.  She uses her personal life experiences, humor, and wit to connect with listeners.  Dr. Skanes uniquely customizes each speech to address the theme of the hosting event.

What Our Clients Say

Student Leader

- N. Whitney, Student

I am very grateful for your influence.


Parental Support

- Anonymous Session Attendee

After hearing Dr. Skanes' session on “Back to Basics” parenting, I cried because the session gave me the strength to keep moving forward as a parent.


Leadership Coaching

- Michael Kosko,

Chicago Public Schools

Assistant Principal

Dr. Skanes understands the importance of distributed leadership and its role in 

moving a school. She

recognizes and fosters

leadership potential in

her staff, and closely 

coaches new leaders

in her school.


Leadership Coaching

- Dr. Andrea Brown-Thirston

Optimal Learning Solutions, LLC


Dr. Femi Skanes is the kind of leader who intentionally creates powerful pathways for teachers and teacher leaders to grow in their craft. She has the unique ability to combine qualitative and quantitative metrics that lead to improved academic outcomes for students. Furthermore, Dr. Skanes implements a distributed leadership model, which allows all individuals in a school community, (i.e., teachers/staff, students, parents, and community members), to have a voice in the continuous improvement process. This inevitably leads to more creativity and innovation, and an overall more democratic environment. If you are seeking the kind of leadership coaching that leaves a lasting impact on your staff, Dr. Skanes is definitely the right fit!


Leadership is a lifestyle.

Dr. Femi Skanes

Ready to start your leadership journey?

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